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Daddy Chang’s Mythic Antiques

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Bastet Bulletproof Helm

Bastet Body Armour

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Helmet Alone:

Bastet Bulletproof Helm with Bastet Body Armour


Hi @DaddyChang !

Looks like you are using the skin material and painting over it. If you want to have a consistent color in the eyes and hand details please use another material name.

Please adjust intersection vertices so your wearables fit well with other items.

Thank You,

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Hey vrglitch, i’ll go fix the neck part right up, yes indeed this the other one i played with skin tone materials before Kat mentioned that’s not recommended, if u saying i can just keep colour consistent by changing material names tho i’ll go try n figure that out thx :smiley: get bak to ya later

Hey vrglitch, just fixed da problems. :slight_smile: Eye colours and arms colours consistent now, neck intersection adjusted!

all fixed up :smiley:

Great work! just one last minor detail.
Please adjust hip vertices on the Female representation in order to work well with other wearables . As you already have done on the Male version, If you keep those vertices near the intersection you will get better results.

Screenshot 2021-07-13 121048

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hey vrglitch, ok, yea i noticed usually the skirts are clipping, i thought only had to adjust with the pants, i’ll go fix up more and match with skirts too then :slight_smile:

Hey vrglitch, just fixed it up, it’s not clipping with the skirt now neither :slight_smile:

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