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Daddy Chang’s Epic Give Away

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TriForge Chang Gang Armour

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Hey there! You may want to change the size of the logo on the female representation so that it’s as visible as it is on the male representation.

Please reconfirm that the wearable submitted is in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and you accept those terms.

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Hey Kat, kk i’ll go make logo bigger for the female today!

Yes it is my own logo, designed since 2012 and have been watermarking it on my old music videos for my own channel: 說唱 - (張殿昀 / 脏爸爸)aka Daddy Chang ft 茶米(Davi) & 大傻(C-Block) Chinese Rap - YouTube

and Zhongtv chinese hiphop platform video you can also see my logo in the video and myself rapping:

My youtube channel also has my logo on the main image, since 2012

(On my same channel you can also see contents of me creating these same L2 wearables I’m creating on DCL in the latest videos as proof it’s me, on my same channel you can see it’s me the same guy with other contents)

proof of (Daddy Chang) myself as same guy who’s on my youtube channel as the public artist guy reported in Taiwan news in 2018:

(Have this reporter’s FB contact as confirmation if needed to verify it’s me)
news channel has my artist name (Daddy Chang) in video description too!

My IMDB name also the same (Daddy Chang): Daddy Chang - IMDb
Film poster (can see it’s me the same guy on the movie poster in 2012 as the same guy u can see on my own youtube channel):

If you guys need proof of passport image showing me as the same guy too on da same channel with my Logo on can also email that to you guys too!

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Hey Kat, just made the female one’s Logo alot bigger too :slight_smile:

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