Collection 'D24 NELSON COAT - DUNDAS MVFW23' created by DRESSXMETA is ready for review!


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Hey will review this now

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hasn’t this exact design already been featured as part of this collection? Collection 'DUNDAS D24 MVFW23' created by DRESSXMETA is ready for review! - #7 by Yannakis

Yes but it needs to be in two collection.

  1. The collection DUNDAS D24 MVFW23 => this one will be minted as free items, not on sale, we will airdrop to our NFT holders

  2. The one here you are reviewing only includes 1 item that we will sell on DCL market!

Please let me know when approved, the show starts soon and this is the opening designer! :slight_smile:

@AndreusAs tagging you here

I see.

Consider adding Earring, Helmet, Hat, Eyewear, Tiara, Mask to the Hides category and I will approve the collection.


DONE ! @AndreusAs :slight_smile:

Nice, will approve right after gas prices are low enough.


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How are we looking here? We have 3h before the show…

Still waiting

Managed to approve via Polygon chain. Check it out.

@AndreusAs thank you so much!

Could you please push this one too?

Same, but different collection, and need it for the upcoming show:

Let me know when it’s half an hour till the show. If Yannakis won’t come till that time, I’ll approve ASAP.