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D.I.A Monke Blenderhead

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D.I.A Blenderhead

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Heyy, can you please make the weapon a bit more toyish/futuristic looking?

And also reduce the textures/mats to 2

Damn you’re quick!
Can Do, how do you recommend changing the weapon? :slight_smile:
I thought since it matched this color scheme and was holstered it would be fine. But if you want me to still change it let me know :slight_smile:

Will also reduce the textures. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Due to a rule that doesnt allow anything that promotes violence Id say just making it just a bit more toyish would be good so i can approve it!

Sounds good! I’ll reply again when it’s updated :slight_smile:

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Yo Yannakis!!
The file has been updated to look toyish! and textures reduced to 2!
Thanks for your help!
Let me know if there’s anything else!

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Collection approved!

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