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CyberStrife Armor Drop 1

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**CyberStrife Armor **


Nice!! This is sick!!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

sorry, but i can’t approve your collection, maximum limit for upper body is 1500 triangles

Hey @theankou I think that the builder is counting the hair in the triangle count, we previously have had 2 rgb items approved that were over the tri count.

model have 3k triangles :

Hey @theankou normally the rgb part which is the white part of the wearable has a material called Hair_MAT in order to make it change color with the hair but normally any mesh that has this material shouldn’t count on builder tris count as it use dcl default texturing so it load fast but after last update it started counting it

Below you can see two pics before and after the update

as far as i remember standard body parts as well as hair mat do count too and this is not the reason to skip limitation

there was Roustan collection avatar head where hair mat hidden 10k triangles, and we asked him to reduce triangle count back to 1500 yesterday

Hey @theankou we have been able to reduce the tri count to under 1500, when you get a chance can you take another look please :slight_smile:

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Sure! I will take a look soon!

approving collection!

collection approved!

Awesome thank you @theankou