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Cyber Art Fit

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Cyber Art Fit

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Heya, Just a few things to fix.

  • Please make sure you have only 2 materials


  • Please name the skin material correctly so it shows up as the avatars skin colour. It should be named AvatarSkin_MAT

  • You can see through the jacket on some angles. Add more faces there so this doesnt happen.



Thank you for the quick response, I will get the team to make these changes asap!

Hey @grimey we have made some of the changes you suggest. However, this wearable is uploaded into the upper body category and replaces the lower body category. Which means the outfit should have limitations of upper and lower combined which is 3000 tris and 4 mats, we have been told this is correct by other curators.

In addition the black hands are meant to be gloves for this wearable. :slight_smile:

Ok cool. This is now approved. Cheers!