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Cutter for a Cause ® Gloves

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Cookie Pawprint Gloves

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi! Please send IP rights for “Cutter for a Cause” name and link to

Okay, sent

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also, hands seems to be broken in-game, make sure to delete all bones with _end suffix and do proper weight painting

The hands were overridden, is this perhaps why it’s not showing up for you?
Capture override

no, the reason is bones with _end suffix or probably wrong parenting to armature, most of the times

Okay, please try again. Thanks.

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works perfect now! i will wait for news from legal team and will approve collection if all good, stay tuned!

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Not sure if this could speed up the decision making process with the legal department, but I already have a Cutter for a Cause branded wearable in DCL that’s been there for close to a year - Decentraland - Marketplace

I’ve got response from legal team, all good with IP rights, I’ll approve collection in few hours!


collection approved!

btw, just noted, there is an issue with hands connection
please fix this issue, otherwise i’ll disable collection in couple of days

Okay, just updated it. Thank you.

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collection re-approved!

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Thank you! Already minting haha

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Hello, sorry to bother. I still have this message up and don’t see my item in the marketplace yet. When does it go away?

any changes requires re-approval
in this case you updated thumbnail, but for now i can’t re-approve collection with current thumbnail, make sure to remove background, thumbnail should stay only with transparent background


Gotcha, just changed it. Thank you

collection re-approved!

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