Collection 'Custom Modified RTFKT CloneX7534' created by DOCTORdrippNFT is ready for review!

Custom Modified RTFKT CloneX7534

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DOCTORdripp’s Reptile Clone X

Reptile DNA Hands

  • Description: Decentraland hands textured with Reptile DNA from CloneX #7534
  • Rarity: exotic
  • Category: hands_wear
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hey i will check this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

This collection has been approved

Thank you. I think there was a glitch.

The collection says still under review, despite having a green status dot. The helmet appears in game but the hands do not. I went and added a tag to the hands and pressed save to try and push it through, but now it says pending.

Would you please take a look? Thanks @Sango

ah yes, ive reuploaded it now. Give it a check and let me know if its okay now

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Perfect! all good to go. Thanks Sango!

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