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Seven Sided Crystal


0xBA6290b8a9805fF8E6717fa908417De373e80380 .

ı dont understand what is that what is the aim.

Hey there, This model works fine in the builder but it seem I can’t see it in world

please review the model and let me know when you do it thanks a lot

Hey Lauretta!
Thanks for pointing it out! It’s now also visible in world

hello there @Mojo, thanks for your quick response, however I have to say that this design is the same as in the plumbob from the sims ( Plumbob | The Sims Wiki | Fandom) at the moment this model is a clear infrigement from copyright, and althought I can appreciate a good reference, I can approve this one at the moment, please if you want it to be approved please cahnge the color and the geometrical shape of the model

Hi Lauretta!
Thanks for the quick response! We will update the model and get back to you, as soon as it is finished.
Thanks for your patience!

Helo Lauretta,
it’s taken us some time, but we came up with a different model. We would really appreciate it if you could review our model once again.
Thanks for your help!

thanks will review this one today and come back to you

thanks a lot for the changes approved