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Sushi T shirt

Hey! Do you want to add the two representations before approving? Right now the wearable works for just one representation.

Thanks Shibu. I only designed it for a male. Is having it for both representations a requirement for approval? Thanks

Is not a requirement, no. But did you add both representation right?

I’m seeing in the editor some mesh issues, can you update the model?

For more info about how to fix this models go to: Creating Wearables | Decentraland

Thanks @Shibu this should now look OK on both representation.

Apologies, I accidentally deleted my original reply to you.

Hey @CryptoKaiju! How are you? Well done with both representations!

I noticed that CryptoKaiju may have some IP infringements:

Is this your brand?

I am good thanks @Shibu, how are you ? Glad I got it sorted. CryptoKaiju is my brand, I’m the founder and own all rights to the brand.

Awesome then!! Look @CryptoKaiju, this representation has some clipping issues.

I will gladly help via Discord if it’s necessary.