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CryptoGlider #1


Check my Instagram-Story :love_you_gesture:

Hey @Chestnutbruze @Malloy @HirotoKai @Lauretta @Shibu and DCLfam.

I would like to do a short ride with my bike through DCL and would be very happy, if you approve it :grin:

Many thanks for your help :blush: :fist_right::fist_left:


This is awesome! I adore it!

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Thanks so much :blush: :fist_right: :fist_left:

Super cool!!!

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Thanks so much buddy :+1:

Hey @Lauretta @Chestnutbruze @HirotoKai @Shibu @Malloy @nader :wave: could you please check my glider? I would like to ride :pray::hugs: :motor_scooter::dash:

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Hey @Lauretta @Shibu @Chestnutbruze @Malloy @HirotoKai please let me know if you need anything to approve my stuff :pray::blush:.

Bump for approval :love_you_gesture: :blush::pray:.

it´s been 16 days now and I’m getting a little bit nervous. @Lauretta @HirotoKai @Shibu @Malloy @Chestnutbruze i know you have a lot of things to do but can you please take a glimpse at my stuff? :blush::pray:

Thank you


Taking a look now, thanks for your patients!

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Is this logo yours and do you own the copyright to this?

Looks like mesh alignment is a little off, if you can match it closer to the upperbody. Seems to be mostly an issue with the female model.

I create this Logo by myself. I own the copyrights :blush:

ok, i will correct that and upload separately a female representation :+1:

Awesome, sounds good. let me knwo when you reupload!!

Hey @DuckiezKing i corrected the displacements and add a female representation :blush:
I think everything should be fine now.

approved, great job and thanks for taking the extra time to make a female version!

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Hey great, thank you very much for the quick review. :heart_on_fire:

Check the #CryptoGlider on Instagram :fast_forward: