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CryptoBunny SoftCloud


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Hi, Checking Collection Now!

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Wow! That’s fast :ok_hand: :blush:

Add hat and eyewear to hiding list, please :slight_smile:

Next issues should be fixed on both M and F representations :+1:
Neck part should be weighted to1 on neck bone

Can you close holes, please? :sweat_smile:

thank you!

Haha…like the bighead. I will make the changes as soon as possible🙏

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Hey @theankou i fixed the issues.

  • hiding eyewear, hat, tiara and mask :white_check_mark:
  • Neck part weighted to neckbone :white_check_mark:
  • Close holes :white_check_mark:

It looks good to me now :blush:

Perfect! I love it :purple_heart:

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Back side of neck part is still weighted unproperly (for both M and F) all other things - good!

Hey @theankou fixed the neck (Male/Female)…



I have adjusted the helmet and the weight in the lower part and hope now everything is ok :blush: If not, feel free to let me know.


Hey @theankou could you please check my corrections? bump for approval😊

collection approved!

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thank you very much :blush::fist_right::fist_left:

I’ve change the name of this wearable, please check😊

Thanks to the team

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@theankou @Malloy @DuckiezKing @Yannakis @Lauretta @HirotoKai @michi
@Sango could you please review and approve?:blush: I have only changed the name and have’t made any changes to the wearable. Then it should’nt be a problem to react. I can’t understand why it is not possible to approve this small change while other items are approved on fairly short notice. Something seems to be wrong here.

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hi, sorry for delay! i will check collection now!

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Thank you very much @theankou :+1: I have seen that the changes have now been applied on marketplace. What is the current size format for the thumbnail. Has it changed from 512x512 to another format? The representation of the thumbnail on marketplace is wrong and I would fix this…

thumbnail should have transparent background and size is 256x256

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Sorry to disturb you again @theankou @Malloy @Shibu @Yannakis @michi :pray: The helmet currently hides tiaras and I would like to change that and allow them, because many items are built on tiaras.

Now i have made the changes and would be happy if it could be reviewed and released soon :blush: :pray:

Thanks BunBun

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Usually the curator that reviews this will re-review but if @theankou is a bit busy I’m happy to take a look. (but I’m pretty sure they’re super active haha) So shouldn’t take long~

Thank you!