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Crypto Toppers

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ETH Topper

BTC Topper

Hey! I’m just reviewing this now~
Currently it’s way too high, can you drop this down and I’ll re-review when it’s updated! (currently can’t even see in builder or backpack when wearing lol)

Hey i dropped them down much lower. should be alright now. let me know.

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Just looking again, this is good to go but could you just shift the colour slightly?
Currently it’s looking super close to the Sims diamond and there were a few issues in the past with another wearable so just to be safe.
Let me know when that’s updated and I’ll approve this collection!

completely revamped it! check it out!

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Oooooo very sparkly~
This is all approved, thank you!

Thanks boss man. Appreciate it very much!

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Hey I changed the picture for the ETH topper and now it says unsynced and the circle is orange instead of green. How do I sync? Gona change btc picture too probably.

Please make all updates then let me know and I’ll re-review~

Yoo boss man. All finished up! Updated the mesh for the btc and pictures. Lmk!

Hey @BombedPikachu , I noticed you added more than your logo to the thumbnail and now it’s a bit misleading and busy. Can you please update to be a clear transparent product png and I’ll re-review~


All fixed up boss man. Lmk!

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That’s all closed off~