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Crypto Hats

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ETH Organization Hat

BTC Organization Hat

Organization Hat


cool oriental vibes w/ these. feeling it. Hope it gets approved soon!

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Hey @bombedPikachu#6fb3! How are you?

Please add in overrides:

Replaces: helmet
Hides: hair



Thank you so much! just made changes so hoping it goes through!

I added “replace helmet” and already had “replace hair” and “replace hat”, but there is no option for “hide hair”. I have “replace hair” though. I have also updated the textures for better looking ones. Please let me know asap.

Let’s get this in game! Would love to wear this!

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id consider changing this before it gets accepted, otherwise it goes under review again to change learnt that the hard way. assuming you mean hat not hate

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I notice the Bitcoin hat is lower poly than the other two?

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collection approved @BombedPikachu ! sorry for the delay

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