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Crypto Gent Binary Shoes

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Crypto Gent’s Binary Shoes



My Binary Shoes are ready. We did double checked both male and female representations this time to ensure that we save time on both ends. However, if something does come up we are ready to fix what ever needs adjusted. Thank you for your time and happy MVFW.


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WJ Designs is happy to add the next piece to the @CryptoGent Binary Suit Collection! Please let us know if there are any issues. Thank you :blush:

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I just realized there’s a typo in my description. Let me change that really quick sorry about that.

Hey, will review now

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Reduce the amount of textures, used in the wearable, to 2 (3 currently).

Otherwise it’s good to go.


Hello and thank you for your time taken to review. It is our understanding that all pieces that incorporate the avatar skin or avatar hair as a texture as part of the count is permitted to have 3. 2 textures, plus the “free” avatar (hair/skin) skin texture. Please confirm this with another one of the curators, as this is a common practice.

Thank you again for your immediate responses. We appreciate your time and efforts.

-Mr. W.

Sorry, see if there is a way we can reduce the texture count. My apologies for any confusion.

-Mr. W

Just confirmed, these are the following textures:
AvatarSkin_Mat (free)
Base Texture
Emission Texture

Collection approved!

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Thank you, we are truly greatful!

Mr. W.

Thank you for your time Andreus and thank you Wade for meeting the guidelines. Both of you are awesome.

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