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Crypto Drip

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Bucket Hat (ICE Level 3)

Drip Kicks (ICE Level 1)

Drip Kicks (ICE Level 5)

Drip Jacket (ICE Level 4)

Drip Jacket (ICE Level 1)

Drip Jacket (ICE Level 2)

Drip Jacket (ICE Level 3)

Drip Kicks (ICE Level 2)

Drip Kicks (ICE Level 3)

Drip Kicks (ICE Level 4)

Drip Pants (ICE Level 1)

Drip Pants (ICE Level 2)

Drip Pants (ICE Level 3)

Drip Pants (ICE Level 4)

Drip Pants (ICE Level 5)

Bucket Hat (ICE Level 2)

Bucket Hat (ICE Level 4)

Drip Jacket (ICE Level 5)

Bucket Hat (ICE Level 1)

Bucket Hat (ICE Level 5)

Drip Shades (ICE Level 3)

Drip Shades (ICE Level 1)

Drip Shades (ICE Level 2)

Drip Shades (ICE Level 4)

Drip Shades (ICE Level 5)

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Taking a look at these now :+1:

Hey @Saus After a thorough review I’ve found only 1 issue :+1:

The female pants on the back don’t match up with the upper body, so the pants go a little bit too far out on the back

And also one thing you might consider adding though and that is some overrides for the hat, since it will clip with helmet and tiaras

@Chestnutbruze should be good to go, will hold off on the restrictions for now. ty for amazing and quick review ser

Okay, approved then :+1:

@Chestnutbruze updated hides for hat

The collection has been assigned to Mika#1194

hello @Mika#1194 I have repurposed this collection. can you take a look when you have a moment?

@Chestnutbruze not sure if you are still assigned to this but I am reusing the collection

The collection has been assigned to Mika#1194

Hey Saus!

  1. Check the hips on this one, it has some clipping issues on that area. (Banded Tee). Female is OK.
    Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 23.57.10

  2. This one is not visible and the female should hide hair
    Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 23.55.35
    Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 00.09.47

  3. Inverted normals both representations.

  4. This one should hide lower body by default, otherwise clips with the majority of wearables. Both representations.
    Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 00.07.01

  5. omg this one is so good! lol

  6. Retro Jerseys: Female has the wrong representation.
    Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 00.13.59

The rest is fine! Nice collection


Thank you so much @Shibu will have these fixes in soon! cred to @Yannakis for bringing these ideas to life!


@Shibu updated good ser! thank you again for the review!

collection approved @Saus !

hello @fabeeobreen or @theankou, this collection had some unsynced items pop up, can you reapprove it

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Hey @Saus ! All unsynced wearables are good but Diamond runners.

  • feet category should be 1500 tris (2716 now), any chance you can reduce this one?

@fabeeobreen updated good ser

Collection approved!

@fabeeobreen made an update to the Flight Fit, compression of the logos was a little low

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Collection reapproved