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Crypto Banter x

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Sniper Bear Red Neon Hoodie

Banter’s Live Everyday T-Shirt

Sniper Bull Green Neon T-Shirt

Banter’s Satoshi T-shirt

Sniper Bear Red Neon T-Shirt

Banter’s Satoshi Hoodie

Banter’s Live Everyday Hoodie

Sniper Bull Green Neon Hoodie

hi Commission! Please tag me with any comments, fyi we have all the rights for Crypto Banter and Sheldon The Sniper logos, as it is our mutual collection with our partner

Will take a look at these now!

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Looks good might have to change the design on this one tho to avoid collision with ground. @johnnyclock

You can use this collection as reference since they had the same issue.

thank you for fast reply! I will look into it now and get back to you

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hi @Yannakis, sorry for long reply :slight_smile: I moved the crosshair to the back, so its not colliding with the floor. Take a look!

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Looks good! Collection approved!

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tysm! @Yannakis could you kindly check also axie sisters x uniqly? the collection is hanging since January :confused:

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Only the currator that has started the review can finish it but I’ll give him a heads up!

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