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Crows Nest

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Crows Pants


The female representation does not match the female avatars proportions. The waist of the female is higher than the male, so the wearable needs to be adjusted to account for this.


It should be fixed now, I tested in both male and female, all kinds of shirts. I also styled it a bit.


Still some issues remaining. it’s not perfectly aligned with the female avatar, so it’s clipping through the waist.

And the vertices are not aligned properly with the corresponding vertices on the upper body. The upper body waist is currently wider than the waist on the pants.

Hey hey,

I think I got it right this time.
Added some extra triangles too.

Not too sure what to do about male tight clothes, females seem to have a larger hip, so I tried to minimize the clipping on some tight outfits for males.

Thanks for the help!

you can upload different models for male and female and they should both be adjusted to fit the male / female avatar. Right now i see you are using the female model for the male avatar, you should upload one specifically designed for male

I fixed it for both genders, added some shiny colors and changed the name and description to better reflect the final design.

Ok I think I finally figured it out, I didn’t realize I could make both gender styles in 1 item as different items on the same… item.

I see you’ve uploaded male and female now. But the butt looks quite deformed now.

And there’s some deformations on the side of the left thigh too

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-Added a belt
-fixed the weird thigh issue
-Styled the butt

Some clothes still cause an issue if they are too loose or too tight. Couldn’t find any other issues, please take a look.

Added a few extra triangles, shaped hip and upper leg area for the female model.
Enlarged text on the side

Does anyone have any more suggestions? I think it looks good right now, works with a lot of default clothes too.

-Both gender styles redone.

@Chestnutbruze Any other suggestions? Not sure what else I can do to get approved.

Hey, sorry for the long wait. Just checked it out now, and it looks good :+1:

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