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Crown & Wing

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Crown & Wings

Crown & Wings
Wings And Tiara of Angel

thansk I will take a look right now

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Hi Dear @Lauretta , glad to see you again. thanks for review :heart: :heart_eyes:

no problem @farhadshahgoli the wearable looks ready to go just a couple of notes reduce a litte bit the emissive since its too high and reduce the wings no more longer than the lenght of the arms. Let me know when you do it and I will review it again

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sure i fix it and mentions you :heart:

dear @Lauretta its finish,

thanks I will review it again as soon as I can !

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:heart: thanks for your attentions

thanks for updating the wearable is approved

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thank you for spending time for review my wearable :heart:

thanks guys for support me :heart_eyes: :heart: