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CROMULON Festival / Rave Gear

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CROMULON Hat Festival / Rave

CROMULON T-Shirt Festival / Rave

CROMULON Shorts Festival / Rave

CROMULON Shoes Festival / Rave

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Absolutely love this set, amazing job :heart_eyes:

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thank you!!! that means alot!!!

yooo just made some adjustments to the glow. thanks for the update.

hey thanks for your patience I will review this today !

everything looks dope, however there are few thing to fix :

  • on the hat it should hide the hair and replaces the helmet

  • there is an small error with one of the faces of the demale upper body as you can see one has dissapeared

once you change these let me know and I will review this item again @CROMULON

ok these are replaced and ready to go! thank you. let me know if you need anything

thanks a lot will review this today

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