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CromUland VIP Pass '21-'22

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CromUland VIP Pass '21-'22


Just looking into this for you,
Will update you as I go :slight_smile:

Ok @CROMULON , so I’ve taken a look and mostly seems fine, however it is set to the ‘earing slot’, I’ll have to check that this is ok for approval. You also don’t have any tags or a description, this might be helpful when people search for your item in the future.

Hi @CROMULON , as the slot is set to ‘earring’ we can’t accept it as it is misleading. However we can accept it if you include it as an ‘upper slot’ item with supporting geometry for say a T-shirt with arms. Let me know if you need any follow up help with that approach!

hey thanks for the response! i just had a necklace approved last week that was in the earrings category so hopefully this one passes too. and yes you are right, i forgot to ad tags. i dont know if they are entirely needed, but they would be good to have. would i have to resubmit with tags? or can i change that now or after they are approved? thanks!

this one of the necklaces that was already approved a couple days ago. it functions in the same way. and the wearable does actually include earrings, it just also has a necklace. we tested these a lot and there is no clipping and works with all the stock wearables. if you have any doubts i ask you try these on an avatar and see for your self. thank you

and, the nice thing with the earring method is that this can be worn with any shirt.

Thanks for your reply, appreciate it and looking into it, will get back to you asap :slight_smile: