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Cristóbal Balenciaga - NEW CODE

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Black and White Cloud

Prom Queen

Gold Riding Hood

Turquoise Peacock

**Gamer of Thrones **

The Magic of Love

Flower Elegance

Wind of Dreams

Night Queen

Pink Butterfly

Will check this collection now!

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Couple of faces that have to be made double sided and some clipping with legs going through the “Prom Queen” dress


Hello we’ve updated all assets. Please let us know if everything is ok. thanks !

Just some clipping at the neck area and leg clipping through dress when running.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. It’s fixed ! thanks

Collection approved!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

The collection has been assigned to Mika#1194

Out of curiosity, was the IP cleared for this collection? Curious if it is authentic and associated w/ Balenciaga and/or Kering (or perhaps estate since Cristobal has been deceased since the 70s).

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Yes, the IP has been cleared and signed off before taking on the project. RLTY signed a contract with Art Consulting and Animal Concert and IP rights was given by the former Balenciaga Art Director, Lorenzo Riva, owner of the collection of Cristobal Balenciaga drawings. Please note that there are different than Balenciaga maison. We are looking to these the updated previews on all the 10 wearables updated asap please!

FYI, we’ve sent to the contract that we signed with the IP holders. Can you please confirm everything is ok.


Confirming that the contract was received by legal and confirmed to be valid