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Blue eyes


This is a wonderful idea! Great work!


Want! Please make brown too!!

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Hey, your item is working fine and ready to approve.
You may want to add the ability to change eyes color, you can do it by uploading your main texture and a mask inside a zip file. Please check the [wearable guide] under Eyebrows, “Eyes and Mouth” (Creating Wearables | Decentraland)
Please let me know. Have a great day!

@vrglitch thanks for this feedback - when I try to upload again, it no longer gives me the option to select ‘eyes’ as the category. Has something changed?

Hey @p6456 , please send your file to and i will take a look it.

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Also please check this comment before Collection 'Waifumon Fairy 2' created by AaronLeupp is ready for review! - #31 by vrglitch

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Collection approved. Have a good day!

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@tangpoko @Frank these are now for sale, and can be customised to any eye colour you like!