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Collection XCOPY

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XCOPY Bottom


XCOPY Helmet


Thanks for your submission.
Please check hip vertices, they should be 100% weighted to the hip bone.


You may want to update upper body’s thumbnail, is not looking good. Take into consideration that you can upload a custom one.

by the way, awesome texture work.

Hey thanks for the input, I just fixed it and reuploaded the thumbnails, ypu can check it again if you want

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Thank you! Approved!

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Sorry, the collection was rejected because thumbnails need to have transparent background. Rarity color will be automatically added. Please update it and it will be approved again

I’m having a problem uploadind the new thumbanils with transparency,

It seems it can’t load the image, the image is a transparent one 256x256 size

Hey, thanks for the feedback, I reuploaded the images with transparent background, you can check them whenever you want to verify it, it seems that the error only happened on friday

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Thank you! Your collection has been approved.

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Hey vrglitch thanks for the fast approval, want to ask a think is possible to change the rarity of the objects, we wanted to change the rarity of the collection from epic to mythic

Sorry, I’m afraid you can’t .

looks great and this XCOPY style is insane!