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Highline dog helmet

Awesome wearable! The helmet may contain IP issues, please provide written consent by SAVAGE DOGS to proceed with this design. Mail:, thanks!

WTF this one looks exactly like the Polygonal Mind Alien Helmet.

Is anyone monitoring this?

Very upset that L1 wearables are getting copied/duplicated. This is not acceptable.

100% agree with your sentiment. How many people from the committee review each piece before requests are determined?

Hey there, I’m Laura the Art Director from the Polygonal Mind team. Sorry for the delay on answering, I wanted to ask how is this wearable going and to answer the coments, this Dog head belongs to MySavageDogs, we are collaborating together through @MindMakesMatter, owner of the Highline in decentraland, and he passed me the 3D model to create the wearable. Here is the letter giving us legal permission.

Thanks for all your concerns regarding the copyright issue, this is a project we created for the Wondertech Pledge , and we need this wearable as a prize for a contest:

So I will be very grateful, if you let me know, what will I need to proceed with the next part of the process, and If I need to fix something for the wearable.

Thanks in advance, look forward to hearing from you.