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オタクコイン OTAKUCOIN T-shirt #2

オタクコイン OTAKUCOIN Sneakers #3

オタクコイン OTAKUCOIN T-shirt #3

オタクコイン OTAKUCOIN Sneakers #1

オタクコイン OTAKUCOIN Sneakers #2

オタクコイン OTAKUCOIN T-shirt #1

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Taking a look at these now :slight_smile:


So I’ve taken a look at the assets, they look really well made and were a pleasure to review however I’ve come across some minor clipping issues with the T-shirts;


Things of note;

  • The rarity you have assigned is ‘Unique’ and is a 1/1 which means only one of each of these items will be available in Decentraland. If these were intended for sale, this will probably need to be changed however if it’s a unique airdrop or auction this is fine :slight_smile:
  • The T-shirt has some minor clipping at the back
  • The collection title is ‘collection001’ and this is what will be seen on OpenSea and in the DCL marketplace, so this is probably best to be changed to fit the brand of your items

Looking forward to hearing from you!

How can I update both men’s and women’s minutes when importing modified data?
Even if you import multiple GLBs and select Both, both male models will be applied.

And how do I rename the collection?


If you;

  • Edit the item with your intention to add the MALE version, upload the TeeShirt_MALE.glb then save.
  • In the collection editor, go to the top left and select ‘add new item’.
  • Now select the FEMALE variant .glb file and when the dialogue box pops up, select ‘FEMALE’
  • It will ask if it belongs to existing item, select ‘YES’
  • Then use the dropdown box to select the already loaded item with male variant

That should do it for you :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advice!
We have made some corrections, so please check again.

Haven’t you checked the data yet?
We are waiting for approval, so please.

Hi @FORCES I checked it again I’m afraid am still seeing clipping from the vertex weighting;

Also are you sure you want these to be ‘Unique’ 1/1s?

I widened the costume and fixed the weight.
Rarity is 1/1 of “unique” and there is no problem.
Sorry to trouble you, but please check again.

@FORCES there is still a minor clipping but I have approved for now, message me here if you want to update again and I’ll go through the review process again with you! Enjoy!

It’s difficult to make any further adjustments, so it’s okay as it is!
Thank you for your approval.

@FORCES Hey guys;

I’ve just disabled your collection out of concern; can you reach out to me on Discord


Hope to speak soon!

I have a question. Can I change my account name later?
Will the purchaser incur royalties to the creator during the secondary distribution of the item for sale?

Hey @FORCES you can either buy a Decentraland NAME and have that allocated to your account after purchase, otherwise you’ll have a ‘#’ in front of your name etc…

You can’t change the name of the collection after you hit ‘publish’ so definitely take that into consideration on your next submission!

Secondary sales on the DCL marketplace will be given to the creator in the future (the systems are under development and I believe will be retroactively enforcable to the time the proposal went through for secondary sales to creators). Secondary sales isn’t active on OpenSea though!

Also I sold your 1/1 #3 sneaker and I’d like to give you 80% of the sale because I love what your studio is about and think the quality of your assets demand it! Reach out to me on discord again^

Kind regards,

Thank you for answering!
I was able to confirm the payment.