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CloneX #6773

hello checking this now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello! @styleXchange

  • Use “Skin” category, you can then hide any head-related slot you want.
  • Please reduce mat and texture number to 5
  • Wearables are single sided in-game: avoid any see-through, check the shirt (see image)
  • Check skin weights > avoid clippping when character is moving and with lowerbody (see image)
  • Check feet normals, maybe ther’s some vertices that needs to be merged.
    If you want to preview your item ingame follow this video (1:36) goearli testnet:
    Lett me @ know here when you are done!

Please have a look. The following changes are made:

• Category: Skin
• Override - Hide: Helmet
• Singleface issues of the upper body (shirt) are fixed.
• Skin weights are edited to fix the clipping issues with the upper body and lower body.
• Free vertices of the feet are merged, and there are no more gaps in them.

Collection approved!

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