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Cider MVFW 22

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Cider Master of Fashion Set

Cider Enchanted Mini Dress

Cider Barbie Doll Tweed Set

Hey, will review now.

  1. Reduce number of textures on Cider Master of Fashion Set to 2 (4 currently).
  2. There are sliiiight clipping problems on Cider Master of Fashion Set. They are really slight, it’s hard to capture them on screenshots, yet they are noticeable. They happen during running animation on the front and the back sides of the skirt. Please, test the wearable in-world via Ropsten network, then consider finetuning the rigging. I might also suggest deleting all parts of avatar skin, covered by cloth. That would negate the issue just right.
  3. Small clipping here:


Hey @AndreusAs thanks for the detailed feedback. Updates have been made and are ready for your review! :slight_smile:

All good, but some parts of legs still clip through this one:


Due to the wearable being black it’s very noticeable in motion.


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Hey @AndreusAs hope you had a chill Saturday so far!

Please see updated version - let me know if all is okay :slight_smile:

Hey, collection approved!