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Chronoswiss first NFT

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Purple Watch Chronoswiss

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Heya! Cool wearable!

  • Currently this is in the Hat category. I’d suggest changing this to Earring since you have an earring in the model. If you’d like to use the Hat category you’d need to have something representing a hat in the wearable instead of an earring.

  • Please update the thumbnail to represent the wearable better. Currently the items themselves are taking up very little space in the thumbnail, and there is no shading.


Hello, i changed the category and update the thumbnail.

Heya, thanks for the update!

  • Could you make sure the entire BG of the thumbnail is transparent? Currently only the bottom third is.
  • The watch looks great in the thumbnail, Please add back in the earrings so they’re visible in the thumbnail too.


Hi excuse me but I would like to change something before publication. We would like to be able to distribute the wearables for free and not charge 100 mana. How do I proceed? for the thumbnails it works like this?

Heya. You can edit the price of the wearable after its approved, and it won’t go on sale until you enable sales. But you cannot edit it’s mint quantity after publishing, currently its set to legendary which will mint 100 copies.

The thumbnail is still showing up without transparency. To get it to work you’ll need to save out a .png with interlacing enabled. If you need a hand just DM me on the forum!

hi Grimey
, sorry for my late reply. But I can’t do the thumbnails, I sent the info to the Chronoswiss team but the person responsible is on vacation until Tuesday. I hope to be able to provide the thumbnails this week.

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hey grimey. I finally have the return of Chronoswiss, here is the thumbnails. Is it good to be published this week?

This is now approved! Cheers.

Thanks you very much.

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