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Chilax Eyewear

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Chilax Pink Rainbow Eyewear

Hey! nice design, you may want to adjust the size to better fit and not clip with the head.
Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve adjusted the angle and scale a bit and think its resolved. Let me know if you see anything else or other tips. Appreciate it!

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Collection approved. Have a great day!

Made update to fix face error on right side.

Collection re-approved. Thanks

Hi I submitted an update to this, which says under review, hoping you can take a look soon!

Hi this update i tried to make is now super out of date, and the collection remains ‘under review’. Would it be easy to just reject the update or approve it, so we can get the collection in normal standing. If we need to just leave it the same thats ok. thanks!! ^ @Shibu @vrglitch

hey @ncortex the collection should be active now!