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Cheetah Gang WarChief #1407

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi! Do you have IP rights for use of bored ape monkey?

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Evening sorry for just now seeing this! Yes I own bored ape 1407 it is in my NGBvault.eth wallet that was transferred from NGBshpend.eth and has been sitting there since. I have submitted these wearables from my hotwallet ngbshpend.eth which holds some other apes and has history with my ngbvault.eth. Let me know what else is needed!

Write to team and let me know when you will do it :slight_smile: I’ll ask them for more info, thank you!

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Email has been sent over!

thank you, i will let you know when i’ll get news

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Just following up here! any updates?

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Hi! I’m waiting for response from legal team, i’ll let you know about news soon :slight_smile:

Hey! legal team told me that they’re waiting for more evidence, probably they wrote a message to you about that, can you check, please?

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I’ve sent it over! thanks

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Hello! @NGBxBen i’ve got news about IP rights, all good. Please add this categories to hiding list:

  • eyewear
  • tiara
  • earring
  • hat
  • helmet
  • mask

Hey i’ve added these to the hiding list! thank you.

thank you, i will check collection now

collection approved!