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Chantel Magic

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Chantel banner night

Chantel banner two sided

hi iwill review this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

currently the panels are way too big. consider reducing to the size shown in green

Thanks. I am the creator.
I will resize as your recommendation and submit a new one.

I have just uploaded the new one. Could you check? Thanks

Thank you for spending your time to review. It is for an event next week. It is just a simple design, and really hope I can get it approved soon. Thanks.

@Sango @collections
Please, is any estimate when the approval decision will be made?
We need our collection for an event in 4 days.
Please let me know earlier so if more changes needed I have time to make, or if it cannot be approved in next 4 days, just let me know, so we have time for us to have a plan B for our event.

Thanks again for taking the time. Thank you.

ive got all the info i need on this piece now so it will be approved today

That has now been approved

Thank you so much~~~ Thank you all~~~