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Chameleon eyes [BIG EYES]

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Cool eyes man! Approved :+1:

ahh, Thank you :relaxed: Can we please add to official collection on OpenSea,

shows like this now:


but should show like this instead

pls ser :smiley:

What a fun! I just bougt one pair!

Hey Oble, it takes time for new contracts (collections) to update on OS ~ typically a few days for the DCL wearable collection to show the Decentraland Wearables (Polygon) metadata instead from my experience

Edit: cool eyes btw! :eyes:

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I think one of the amazing committee members has to do it

Hey guys, I have seen the eye mask was not displayed correctly at the marketplace.

In Builder or in Decentraland it functions properly though. I have deployed a fix for this, waiting for your kind approval and hoping what I did will fix it. Thank you

@Chestnutbruze I found what the issues was, origin to 3D cursor it should be ok now.

hey, reapproving it now :+1:

Thank you for your time :pray: