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CGC Black


Cool, you may want to adjust the shape of the model for the female representation. Thanks!

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Hello we are not having it for female avatars that was a mistake on the application. Very sorry for that hope this can be resolved soon!!

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I actually wonder if it’s possible to have one gender only. But why don’t you adjust it for a Female too ?


Dont want to atm unless its needed for both to pass

So the wearable now fits on the puffer jack male and female character.

Hey Kat,

How’s it going? Any update on our approval process?

Thanking you


This is taking like 12 years :rofl:

Hey Just_T3, sorry for the delay. Though inclusive wearables are recommended, it is possible to have wearables that are for one gender only. You may want to reconsider the item’s category, it is currently set as ‘mask’ and ‘upper body’ could be more fitting. For this design to work as an upper body wearable it would need to be combined with a torso and arms. Thanks!

I set it as a mask so the upper body would not disappear when viewing on preview as I did not want to replace the upper body

Hi Kat I have just made the changes can you approve this today or tomorrow? Have an event and it is highly centred around this wearable

I have also just restricted it to male because I had to attatch it to an avatar body which was too large for female and the reverse situation for male when female bodies where used

Hey is there any update on this? Really need this to be out soon…

Hey Kat,

Sorry again but would like to know where we are up to with this?

Hey Kat,

Sorry to keep bugging you like this but can the wearable be approved by the end of the week? Just need this done…


Hey Kat,

Sorry to bother again… Is there a timeline for us yet?

Really need to get this out… its been almost a month now which is pretty frustrating.

Hey @Just_T3 you item has been approved.
Thank you!

Thankyou very much!!!

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