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CCC - Gray - Drop #1

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CCC - Pants - Gray

CCC - Long Sleeve - Gray

CCC - Hat - Gray


Just so everyone knows! The hat will be free. Join here for details on when it will go live.


Nice work from the CCC team here

Thank you Very Much! Can’t wait to see you rockin these!

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Hey @DaddyShark for your hat, be careful enabling minting on in world vending machines if you set the price as FREE - there is poor controls over users claiming multiple items. A few things you can consider:

Mint all the hats to your wallet before you enable vending machines
or, Mint all the hats to the destination wallets before you enable vending machines
or, Set a price to the hat if you want the other items to be in the vending machine

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The collection was rejected because a thumbnail issue.

Please re do the thumbnails in 256x256px with transparent background.