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Cat Love Shirt


Cat lovers of the world unite! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your support Deidre! :smile_cat:

Im new to this. Does anyone know how to get an item approved or the length of the process?

Hey, nice shirt

looks like the female avatar is using the male representation, the female and male have to be a bit different because the hip position is higher on the female, and not adhering to this will cause it to clip with most pants. This needs to be sorted out before approval

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Thanks @Chestnutbruze, I think I got it now. I tested it with both body types after making it bigger. Would you be up for letting me know how it looks?

you can upload a seperate version for female and male, you dont have to make one that fits both avatars. But i see you have done it, so if you are fine with how it looks now, then it’s alright.

And you need to show off the entire wearable in the thumbnail, not juts the design.

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Fixed. Thanks for your pointers. I got it right for both body types.
The reason I didn’t do both body types is because I didn’t have the cash to submit a male and female design. Ill do this when I get some sales.

Thanks again for your help and thanks for the community support everyone!

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Hey, I added “cat” to the tag and my shirt is no longer active. Is there something I should do to get it active again?

Hey @Chestnutbruze,

I added the tag cat to my shirt (as well as another) and i clicked to put them in review again. Do you know how I can get these approved and live again?