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Knights Helmet

Hi, I’m afraid this is too close to a Lego knight helmet to be able to accept it in it’s current design. If you completely change it up so it no longer resembles the Lego IP. I’ll be able to re-review it and go forward with the curation process!

Also in future when you upload a custom thumbnail, it doesn’t need the background gradient, you can leave it transparent. The rarity determines the background for you :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Understandable! Ill see what I can do. Thank you for the tip on the thumbnail, that totally makes sense.

@dechillin Thanks for getting back to me! We don’t want people to lose their MANA but an IP conflict regardless of semantics has to be avoided. The knight helm idea is great, if you can recreate it so it doesn’t resemble Lego design language in any way, I will be happy to take it further :slight_smile

Looking forward to seeing it! :

I understand! I thought it was a cool idea but i did design it specifically with lego in mind. I can always come up with a different design. Does it cost mana to resubmit a design or does the credit carry over for a resubmission?

If you update the asset in this submission it will be fine :slight_smile:

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Updated! Thank you for all the help.

@Malloy New design went a completely different direction! Hope this one works out better!

Had to edit the color liked gold a bit more! Hopefully the edit is better.

sparta helmet with background

Hey @dechillin Thanks for updating the design;

I checked it in-world and noticed that the mesh doesn’t have a smooth surface so you kind of get a mozaic effect with the toon shader;

If you’re using blender, if you go into mesh edit mode, face selection, tap ‘A’, then goto the mesh > faces > shade smooth. It should make the final finish a lot smoother!

Looking forward to seeing it!

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Third times the charm! @Malloy smoothed it out made some modifications to ensure the shading and lighting is correct, hopefully it works out! I appreciate all the input and help hopefully the complete outfit design will be correct.

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Hi @dechillin It looks like you applied a smooth modifier that subdivides the surface geometry as it is now reading in at over 7k tris which sadly is against the guidelines for this one slot.


If you have access to your original mesh pre-subdivision, you should be able to use the following whilst making sure you’re in edit mode with the faces selected.

Look forward to hearing from you!

@Malloy oh thats right ok, just had to adjust some properties but heres the smoothed original. Thank you again.

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Hi @dechillin almost there;

This time for some reason your model has more textures/materials than before! If you can remove the excess materials/textures from the model before export we should be good!

@Malloy they’re all combines up now should be good! Let me know if there’s anything else I need! It still has 3 materials but only 2 textures. I hope that works.

@dechillin last thing! It says there are 3 materials this time; Can you just make sure that only two of the materials are assigned? :pray: Will approve after that, many thanks!

@Malloy I got it all sorted out! should be ready to go! Lets hope at least. Thank you!

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Hey @dechillin

Can you do me one more thing :slight_smile:, apologies on the delay but it’s just to be sure;

Can you check the normals are facing outwards like this, BLUE is good.

RED is bad.
IF it is red, select the mesh faces that are red and follow this;

It will now hopefully be blue :slight_smile:

Hopefully it’s all good to go after that, thanks for being patient!
Look forward to seeing it in world!

@Malloy No worries at all thank you for all the help!
It is all blue though!

@Malloy Is there anyway to rename the collection? Having to change the design up as drastically as I did I wasn’t sure if there was a way. Thank you!