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Carrera Shirt

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Carrera Shirt Female

Carrera Shirt Male

Logo usage authorization letter by the brand has just been send to

Hey, will check these now!

Great. Thanks. Everything alright with it?

make sure to rmove any “_end” bones because they are causing a weighting issue and also please update thumbnails so they show the wearables

Hey, thanks. Can you check again? End bones should be removed and thumbnails are updated.

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Female version looks good. Male one is invisible because of the armature. Try using the armature youre using on female for the male one too.

Sorry, about that. I didn’t use the In-World Preview to check…

I fixed that now. Thumbnails working, everything visible, hope everything’s alright now :smiley:

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Looks great! Will approve and let you know as soon as i get the green light from legal!

Oo looks like its in already! Approving now!

Great, thanks. Until next time :wink:

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