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Cap7even NFTR

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Hoodies Black NFTR

hey i will check this collection now

please add a female representation to this model so this it will alsop fit the female model

The weighting on the hip of the male version needs adjusting too to avoid slight clipping with the upperbody

The collection has been assigned to Sango

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hello i asked my sweater designer to modify it for me the problem i don’t know how to replace it

go into the collection on the builder, click the image of the item then you can click edit under representation to change it

“I have succeeded in replacing the glb file. Does it suit you? Thank you in advance.”

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there’s a slight bit of clipping on the female version when running

“Hello, thank you for being able to show us any potential problems we had with our hoodies. We want to create a complete collection of clothing backed by NFTs. I hope that this latest version will be good.”

This collection has been approved

Merci beaucoup. A très bientôt

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we have a big problem i would like to send my collection of on opensea but in a very special collection how can i import them directly please

You want to move the wearables to a different contract?