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Camo Bomber Jacket

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Camo Bomber Jacket

  • Description: Oversized Camo Bomber in Vintage Wash and Orange Accents
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: upper_body

    Link to editor

Hey, I’ll have a look now~

Just reviewing there’s some reversed faces on the base if you could close it off at the inner area, that will fix it~

Currently minor clipping on the male back with FistPump emote

Other than that it’s good to go. If you can update those small technical issues I’ll re-review!
Thank you~

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Hi there! Thanks for the feedback. I’ve just corrected those issues for your re-review.

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@michi Hi! Looking forward to your review and approval. Thank you

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I might buy this… looks cool…

GoldGuy is right, really cool design!
This is all approved~

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hi @michi! I just listed this item on the marketplace, however I noticed that the zipper is showing up as black instead of orange. Why is that? It is orange in the editor and test world, as it should be, but in the marketplace it is black on both the ‘wearable’ and ‘try on’ view.

Might be a material effect like metallic or shine reflecting the ambient light, test it out here:

If you need to update the glb in builder just let me know and I’ll re-approve @betty !
Thank you~

@michi Thanks for that link - really helpful. I just fixed the zipper and pushed changes for re-review.

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All approved and updated~