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Butterfly Wings

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Butterfly Wings

Hi! Checking collection now!

@theankou Thanks for the comment! I have amended it. I think it solved the issue now.

Please set weights influence for sparkles to 1 for bone as on wings, with emote headexplode sparkles increase their size too much

Fixed! Please check. Thanks!

please, weight to 1 as wings, right now sparkles moves with hands and sometimes they go inside pants or body

OK, i removed all weight references for the sparkles, so they are pretty much static now.

collection approved!

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@theankou Hi, sorry, I realised that I had a minor back face culling issue (similar to the first one you had flagged. I had fixed the issue. The rest of the model stays the same. For your re-approval, thanks!

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i noted one more issue when i play /emote headexplode
please set all vertcies (for wings and sparkles) to 1 on spine2 bone, thanks! (sparkles can be 0.8 if you want to leave a bit moving effect)

OK, fixed as suggested!

collection re-approved!

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