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Butterfly Kimono

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Butterfly Kimono & Katana


My newest wearable, a butterfly kimono & katana sword to go with my Butterfly Updo hair for those beautiful but deadly woman out there

3 textures applied
1x Kimono
1x Katana + belt
1x skin (Hands)

Thanks for your time!

It is a nice referente to kimetsu no yaiba, but I’m afraid is still to similar to the original

although the colors of the kimono are different the shirt, the katana and the lines of the kimono are way too similar I would recommend change the hilt of the katana so that it has a more butterfly shape and use a different color palette for the shirt

let me know when it’s done and I will review it again @T0kenkiwi

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Hey @Lauretta,

Thanks for the heads up. Ive changed up the textures and katana hilt. Hopefully its different enough :slight_smile:

yep I believe with this changes the model will have no problems, either eway I will recommend to send a mail the legal deparment of decentraland just in case ( either way I believe this can pass so I will approve for the moment if later on you want to change the pattern of the kimono or something else let me know