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Bulbheads by Durart

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  • Description: Genesis collection by Durart
  • Rarity: rare
  • Category: helmet

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Hi guys, creator here.
This is my first wearable. I tried to make it a funny high quality “Helmet” type model, it got some glow but not too much. Please feel free to reply with remarks and questions if you got any :grinning:

I’d love to see what it looks like in game. : D

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Here is an example from the editor.
Haven’t been able to launch Ropstein test network to view the wearable in the world lately.
But it looks even better in the world as it has some glow.


jajajaja… that’s pretty good.

very cute, will it have some glow ingame?

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Yes, the coil gets some glow but not too much. I wish I could show you screenshots from the world but I keep getting errors for some reason. If I manage to get it working I post it ASAP

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Hey @durart! How are you?

Can you upload again? It seems there was an issue with the uploading, i cannot preview the wearable.


I wouldn’t touch it yet as it was working right before I put it under the review. Now I am afraid it would prolong the review if I reupload the model. Let me know if you are one of the reviewers :slight_smile:

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hey yes, im a curator, please uplaod again because i cannot see it! thanks

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I reuploaded the model. It works in the editor now.

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@CheddarQueso @4Bit

You can try it in the editor now :slight_smile:
I am also adding a gif of how it looks in the game world.

2022-02-06 22-43-03_1

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This is so coool! I want it!

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Hey @durart ! super cool wearable, collection approved!

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@CheddarQueso @4Bit @Quaiquai

This wearable is already available on the marketplace for only 1 MANA!
Go get one :heart:


I pushed changes to not hide tophead part as there are many “aura” wearables that are of the tophead type.

I tried to change a thumbnail of the collection, it’s been under review for months now.
Could you please check it out so either it gets approved or declined?