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Bufalo Cowboy Trench Coat

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Bufalo Gold Cowboy Trench Coat


Hi @Lauretta @Chestnutbruze @Shibu , this is my third wearable, the Bufalo Gold Cowboy Trench Coat, to match with the Gold BFL Cowboy Hat :slight_smile: please let me know if everything is okay for approval. Thank you, and have a nice day!

Capture d’écran 2022-02-10 à 00.55.30

little bump for review :cowboy_hat_face:

Taking a look at this now!

Looks good. Approved!

Hello @Sparkles, thank you for reviewing and approving it, but I think there is a problem. The wearable is actually looking pretty bad in the marketplace as you can see here :
There is triangles on the back, fringes are missing, there is something with the neck too, all of those thing were not showing either in the builder or in Blender or in real world as you can see in those screenshots (marketplace screenshot’s are at the end).
Even if the wearable looks great IG, could it be possible to fix the 3D preview? thank you, and have a great day!

Heya. Sorry about this issue. Currently that 3d preview is using a different render engine than the builder, and the game. So issues like this will happen. The Devs are working on aligning all of the renderers so they look the same. But there’s no timeline for when it will be fixed.


That’s helpful to know, thanks

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@Sparkles allright, thanks for your reply.

Hello @Sparkles , @michi ,
i just updated the thumbnail as well as the wearable in order to have a better 3D preview. please review it when you can :slight_smile: thank you guys!

This should be closed off, let me know how it goes!