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Bro Jacket

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Golden Bro Jacket

  • Description: For those who care about looking like they don’t care
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: upper_body

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Hey all, this is my first wearable. I’ve been in the 3D modeling space for a while and previously made wearable assets for the last Unreal Tournament game. I’m excited to see how this metaverse grows!

I had fun making this and hope some of you want to show it off. Thanks for checking it out!

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Hope they get around to this one soon. If anyone has any feedback let me know!


There’s currently 1 material & 1 texture too many, the max is 2 materials + skin. & 2 textures + default skin texture.

Hey, thanks for taking a look at it. I tried to resolve this before publishing, but couldn’t get an answer. This is the content of the package:

1 decentraland wearable texture
1 decentraland skin texture
1 custom texture (the chest alpha)

I checked this by unpacking the glb. That seems to satisfy the rule, correct?

I will see what I can do about the material. Thanks for your time!


Since there is emissive on the wearable you must also be using an emissive texture which counts

Yes you’re right, the emissive is the 4th material. Though it does not use an image texture for color, just RGB color.

I will try to combine the chest shadow and jacket into one material so the Builder will show 3 materials and 3 textures.

Thank you I appreciate your help!

Hey, I just updated the wearable. Now it has 2 materials + skin, and two textures.

Hopefully this is acceptable, thanks for taking the time to review it!


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Great, thx for making the changes. Approving it now

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Thanks, I really appreciate it!

I just pushed an update to this wearable because I added a female representation. Please let me know if there are any issues. Thank you!

Hey @tidu , just had a quick re-review as per the request in the main forum.

Looks like the skin tone isn’t right, currently super saturated:

Let me know when you update this and drop an @ !


Thanks for taking the time to review. I’ve seen other creators have this issue too… do you know what it could be? I’m asking around for help on this because I’ve tried multiple things but nothing fixed it. It was not present on the first version of this wearable 2 months ago, but it’s now visible on the original (male) wearable and the new female version.

At first thought I assumed it was something to do with the custom UV, like maybe a showing or something applied? For the skin UV it needs to be 100% white where there’s basic skin so in some cases where there’s a gradient or something it might be coming across in the toon filter and creating a saturated effect.

I’ll shoot the question to the committee to see if there’s another reason but maybe try redoing some of the shading to be a bit more focused or if there’s no shading hold off on making changes till I get some feedback from the other curators!

Hear from me soon!

Yea the skin material is unchanged from the default. The muscles on the lower torso are a separate transparent plane in front of the skin, so at first, I suspected that may have been the problem. But the saturation color issue is all over the wearable including the hands. My guess is it’s related to the specular setting of the material.

Thanks for looking into it, I really appreciate it!

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