Collection 'Brentsketit x ICE Poker' created by Saus is ready for review!

Brentsketit x ICE Poker

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**Brent **

I will check collection now!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

@saus, collection approved but this things needs to be done:

  • reduce triangle count to 1500 or less (or add any accessories categories (1 or 2) to overrides β†’ wearables list)
  • same with material count (limit is 2 2 you have 3 2)

please push update as soon as possible, otherwise collection will be disabled

sure thing, will be out until later this week or early next. this wearable will not be going live for quite some time, however we do need to test it on the back end. if you could leave it approved for testing, that would be awesome @theankou

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@theankou model has been updated

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Hi @Saus, looks like model is not updated (still shows 1600+ triangles, 3 materials, 2 textures), overrides is empty. Can you check once again please?

Hi @Saus! Is there any plans to update collection to follow limitations? If not, collection wlll be disabled.

@theankou hid helmet category, is that sufficient?

Hey @Saus, yes, it’s okay
Let me know when you will add helmet to overrides, I will re-approve collection

@theankou done ser! ty

collection re-approved!