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BP Prawn Skin Season 1

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BP Yellow Prawn

BP Blue Prawn

BP Crystal Prawn

BP Red White Banded Prawn

BP Ghost Prawn

hey i will reivew this now

Hi can you can you make the skins follow the armature a bit more, there should be arms that follow with the armature arms

The collection has been assigned to Sango

@Sango the prawn feelers are currently working as per arms, which can be seen when dancing, performing the cash emote etc. Will that do?

the current set up you have for the arms causes clipping on all of the emotes so that will need to be sorted

another thing to do will to be to reduce the depth as there shouldnt be more than 1.4m in depth

@Sango Thanks for the comments. Possible to let me know the areas to work on for the clipping? Thanks!

  • the nose and wings need reducing to fit inside the space

  • the arms that arent attached to the main arm bones need the weighting adjusted to stop them clipping

Then we can see how the arms on the armature works once we are at that step

@Sango thanks for the advice. Will fix on one of the skins for your review again. Thanks so much

@Sango I have updated the BP Red White Banded Prawn with smaller wings and shorter nose + I have weighted it much closer to the arm bones.

Please let me know if it makes the cut, then I will update the rest accordingly. Thanks!

Hi, yes this works much better!

@Sango Thanks for the feedback! I have updated all of the variants. For your review!

Perfect could you add these to the hide list on all items - Helmet, hat, eyewear, earrings, tiara, mask

@Sango Done, thanks!

please also add eyewear to the hides list

@Sango sorry for the mistake, updated!

@Sango For your review again. Thanks!

can you remove the icons from the thumbnails please?

There will be an option to add them for the market place after minting soon.

@Sango Sure. Just removed it already. Done!

This collection has been approved

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