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Boss Babe Black Suit

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Boss Babe Black Pants & Pumps

Boss Babe Black Blazer


The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey, collection approved!

Hi @AndreusAs, Thank you for the approval! I have yet to list the item in the market. I was told that if I were to list it a week from today, it wouldn’t show up on the first page of the market. Is that true?

Hey! Can’t tell for sure, to be honest, will check with the comittee and come back with the answer.

Yep, this is true, the system works exactly like this.

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Hi Andreus, I resubmitted this wearable for an update how long does that usually take?
Thank you

Re-approved, just tag your curator with a @ next time, the process will be faster :slight_smile: