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Boson x Metafactory Collection

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Boson x Metafactory Hoodie v1

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Hey, looks cool!

One thing i noticed though is that the symbols around the hoodie are only visible from 1 side. So from behind you can only see a couple. And from the front you can see some other ones, this is because 2 sided faces was turned off in-game a couple weeks ago. So if you want the symbols to be visible from all sides you have to duplicate them and reverse the faces.
Can see here, top image, many symbols are not visible compared to the preview which is below

hey @Chestnutbruze thanks for the heads up didnt notice that since in the builder looked okay.

It should be fine now

Cool, approved! :+1:

Hey @Chestnutbruze thanks a lot for the fast approval, I have a question though I observed that I can edit the description, but then icon changes to unsyced, Can I no longer ask for changes to the Dao, ir it means another thing?

hey, yes you can still change the description and add tags if you want, i will reject it so you can make the changes.

If that is not so much trouble I will be very gratefull @Chestnutbruze thanks a lot let me know when you do it

Thanks a lot I already made the changes, you can approve the wearable again. thanks a lot again @Chestnutbruze

okay, re-enabled the collection now :slight_smile:

@Chestnutbruze sorry for the incovenience but it seems the changes that I implemented in the description the other day, haven’t been saved, I don’t know why. if it isn’t so much trouble could yo reject the collection again, to change it ?

Hey @Lau, no problem :slight_smile: i will disable it now, did you use the ‘‘push changes’’ button? I think they may have implemented that im not sure

I dont know for sure but I will check it right now

There is no push changes buttons but there is a save button on the edit page, I checked online and it seems its been saved, nevermind when I refresh the page it’s the old description.

Okay that’s strange, and is it the same thing right now? not updated still?

No, whenever I move to another page or refresh it changes back to the old one @Chestnutbruze, could it be a bug?

Yeah it could be a bug, some other creators also can’t update their models.
However can you check if there is a ‘‘push changes’’ button where the ‘‘published’’ button is in the picture below, after making changes?

it should be when you press on the collection


at this moment is Under review
changed the text, just in case have to change somthing but remains the same

Okay, i found out i dont have to disable the collection for you to make changes. I enabled it now. And you can make changes at any time, however after making the changes the wearable will appear unsynced, with a orange circle. Then you have to go into the collection and push the changes, which will let me review the changes and approve them. So we can try that

thanks a lot going to try that right now, will update with information

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@Chestnutbruze the push changes buttons was there and seemed to work I believe it will have to be approved again but that’s no problem at all