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Boson Protocol x NGRAVE

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Checking this collection now!

Hey, could you make these faces double sided or cover the holes so it doesnt appear invisible in game?

hey @Yannakis - sweater has been updated, could you please double check?

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Hey, still some flipped normals

hey @Yannakis - could you please check if normals are good now? :slight_smile:

Hey @Lod3D.eth. Still the same… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Super strange - can you check again? :pray: uploaded fixed models

Hey @Yannakis hope you had a good weekend. Could you please review this models to see if all is well?

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Looks good, can you verify that the wings are under 2.4 m width?

Hey @Yannakis yessir - this is within that threshold!

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Any way you can provide a picture with the limits on blender because im having trouble downloading the asset? Just feels a bit huge so if you could scale it down a bit and provide a picture id really appreciate it!

@Yannakis 2.4m on the dot! :slight_smile:

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Collection approved!

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These wings are in violation of IP Infringement. He copied my model exactly and published it as his own with color change and minor tweaks. Please help fix this copy and ensure creators to be original with their own designs. @michi @Lauretta @Yannakis


Thank you so much for raising this, having a look into it!
I’ll reply here asap~


Thank you!!:pray:t2: I appreciate the community being so responsive and helpful with this issue. My heart dropped when I saw my own wearable being reused as another but with all the help from the community reaching out and connecting helped resolve this conflict. I love Decentraland and all the honest hardworking creators we have in and behind the scenes!!


I’m curious how he was able to get my file, it’s too similar to be a copycat. He was some way able to hack dcl and get my gltf file or a dcl dev committee member downloaded it for them. Some creators are worried about releasing wearables now there could potentially be a security risk. Let me know your thoughts please.

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hey @BlazinMazon I’m sorry to hear about this - we’ve just created what has been requested of us. I have escalated this to the relevant teams and will remove this collection if they cannot prove their IP on this.

Hi @michi @Yannakis can you please remove this collection from the market place?

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